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ASTM B695 Fasteners



The ASTM B695 specification covers the requirements for a coating of zinc mechanically deposited on iron and steel basis metals. The coating is provided in several thicknesses up to and including 107μm. The seven thickest classes are usually referred to as “mechanically galvanized”.

Coating Classifications

Minimum Thickness, μm
110 107
80 81
70 69
65 66
55 53
50 50
40 40
25 25
12 12
8 8
5 5
Class 55 is the most common class used for ASTM fasteners and is roughly the same thickness as hot dip galvanizing per ASTM F2329. 53 m is equivalent to 0.002087 inches or 2.087 mils.

Fasteners Specification :


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