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Threaded Screwed Flange
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Threaded Screwed Flange

Threaded Screwed Flange

Threaded Flange, Screwed Flange

Threaded Flange manufacturer Ramesh Steel supplies screwed flange, th forged Flange, threaded Flanges in forged steel, Stainless Steel, carbon steel etc..

Specification of Threaded Flange, Screwed Flange
Threaded Flanges (Screwed flanges)are similar to slip-on flanges in outline, but the bore is threaded, thus enabling assembly without welding. This obviously limits its application to relatively low pressure piping systems. Threaded Flanges may be welded around the joint after assembly, but this is not considered a satisfactory method of increasing the flanges' pressure applications. Threaded flange use in low press condition usually.

  • B16.5 Threaded 150lb Flange
  • B16.5 Threaded 300lb Flange
  • B16.5 Threaded 600lb Flange
  • B16.5 Threaded 900lb Flange
  • B16.5 Threaded 1500lb Flange
  • B16.5 Threaded 2500lb Flange

Description of Threaded Flange, Screwed Flange

  • Type: Threaded Forged / Cast Flange
  • Material: Carbon steel: A105,SS400,SF440 RST37.2,S235JRG2,P250GH,C22.8, Stainless Steel: F304 F304L F316 F316L 316Ti, Copper etc.
  • Standard: ANSI,JIS,DIN,BS4504,SABS1123,EN1092-1, UNI,AS2129,GOST-12820
  • Size: 1/2-78 inch (DN15-DN2000)
  • Pressure: ANSI class 150,300,600,1500,2500, DIN PN6,PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,PN100,PN160
  • Packing: No Fumigate or Fumigate Plywood/Wood Pallet or Case
  • Surface Treatment: Anti-rust Oil, Transparent/Yellow/Black Anti-rust Paint,Zinc,Hot dipped Galvanized.
  • E-catalogue: Available , please visit catalogue of flange
  • Usage: Oil Field, Offshore, Water System, Shipbuilding, Natural Gas, Electric Power, Pipe Projects etc.

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