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ASTM F1941 Fasteners

ASTM F1941


The ASTM F1941 specification covers several common electrodeposited coatings on threaded fasteners. The below chart details the various types of coatings, thicknesses, and optional chromates. This ASTM standard replaces ASTM B633 for electrodeposited threaded fastener coatings, since B633 was not written as a fastener specific standard.

Coating Designations

Designation Type
Fe/Zn Zinc
Fe/Cd Cadmium
Fe/Zn-Co Zinc Cobalt Alloy
Fe/Zn-Ni Zinc Nickel Alloy
Fe/Zn-Fe Zinc Iron Alloy

Coating Thickness

Designation Minimum Thickness, in.
3 00.0001
5 0.0002
8 0.0003
12 0.0005

Chromate Finish

Designation Type Typical Appearance
A Clear Transparent colorless with slight iridescence
B Blue-Bright Transparent with a bluish tinge and slight iridescence
C Yellow Yellow iridescent
D Opaque Olive green, shading to brown or bronze
E Black Black with slight iridescence
F Organic Any of the above plus organic topcoat

Note 1 – Coated fasteners with trivalent chromite (Cr+3) are not subjected to the required yellow, opaque and black color.
Note 2 – When fasteners are coated with trivalent chromite (Cr+3) the classification code shall be amended with the letter ‘T’

Fasteners Specification :


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